Pepe loves Kabosu. Pepe will always be with Kabosu.





Token Name : Kabosu Wif Pepe


Total Supply: TBA

TAx Buy/Sell: o%

Smart contract renounced

Liquidity Pool Lock I Year

Have you ever heard of a special dog, both funny and mighty, named Kabosu Wif Pepe? Kabosu Wif Pepe is not just an ordinary dog! With soft fur and big, mischievous eyes, Kabosu Wif Pepe stands out even more with a super cool Pepe mask on his face. No one knows if Kabosu Wif Pepe wears the mask to hide his identity or simply because... he thinks he looks "so cool." But one thing's for sure: anyone passing by has to stop and smile when they see him. Kabosu Wif Pepe not only has a unique appearance but is also a "superhero" pet, helping people with everything from finding lost shoes to untangling knitting yarn. Every day with Kabosu Wif Pepe is a series of endless funny stories, making life more joyful and full of laughter. It just goes to show how a small Pepe mask can bring so much happiness to the world around!


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